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Hialeah, FL - 786-233-6720

Hollywood, FL 954-241-7861

During your first visit, we will perform an oral health examination to assess the condition of your teeth and mouth.  We will screen you for any and all dental issues such as tooth decay and periodontal diseases and develop a treatment plan that is customized personally for you and explain everything so it is easily understood.

Dental Exams


Choice Dental Care experts provide comprehensive dental exams and cleanings, utilizing their expertise to ensure thorough oral evaluations and meticulous cleaning techniques for optimal dental health.

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Fillings / Crowns

Dental x-ray

Choice Dental Care provides exceptional fillings and crowns services, utilizing advanced techniques and materials to restore and enhance the health, function, and aesthetics of your teeth.

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Cleanings /

Deep Cleanings

Female white toothy smile

With extensive expertise in dental cleanings and deep cleanings, Choice Dental Care excels in providing meticulous and specialized treatments to promote oral hygiene and combat dental issues, ensuring a healthy and vibrant smile for their patients.

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Dentures / Partials / Bridges / Extractions

Image by Elena Mozhvilo

At Choice Dental Care, we offer a comprehensive range of services including dentures, partials, bridges, and extractions, expertly performed to restore oral functionality and improve your overall dental well-being.

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Preventative Treatment

Restorative Treatment

Dental Exams

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